Our mission and
our values

Our mission and
our values

The point of the matter

We do the right things at the right time!

We do not run away when it gets difficult!

We do the right things at the right time! We do not run away when it gets difficult!

Our Mission

In business life at the end of the day neither efforts nor attempts count.
Only one thing is relevant:

The Outcome – The Result

In fact, not just any result, let alone a range of results, but –
from the number of possibilities – one only:

The Best – The ONE

When best possible results are achieved, they are seldom based on isolated, individual efforts only. Success becomes sustainable when it is supported by all parties involved:

Shared achievements – Success Together!

We offer smart solutions and act as partners and trusted advisors.

The Partner – The Trusted ONE!

Our Values

  • Our core values are impartiality, integrity and confidentiality.
  • Our secrets to success are listening and responding to the specific needs of our customers and continuous support in the realization of solutions.
  • A holistic approach to our work “with an out of the box view” is important to us.
  • It is a matter of course that we work proactively as defined by our clients’ interests.
  • We greatly appreciate solid agreements and transparency.
  • We base our actions on competence and objectivity as well as flexibility.
  • Due to many years of experience we can offer our clients a highly practical approach as a surplus.
  • We act pragmatically as a partner and „trusted advisors“.

Standards: The business consulting services offered by ResultONE are based on the international consulting standard ISO 20700 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services and the European Standard EN 16114.

Integrity: Dr. Ing. Marcus Berger is a member of ARGE proEthik, a voluntary association of members of the Business Chamber Austria, who are particularly committed to the modern principles of ethical conduct and honest business conduct. ResultONE has committed to abide by the Ethics and Code of Conduct of the Arge proEthik.

And last but not least: we strongly believe in

Success Together!