Blackout Precaution

Blackouts, i.e. power failures in a larger region lasting several hours, are becoming increasingly likely in view of the energy situation.

The dependence of value creation processes — including corporate IT — on uninterruptible power supply is well known. However, considerations and preparations as to what is actually to be done in the event of an incident are often not pursued further.

We help companies prepare for events like blackouts.


  • Maintenance of important areas, targeted adjustment, and restart of processes / parts of the organization
  • Risk analysis: detection of relevant weak points in the company and their targeted elimination
  • Measures to avoid, mitigate impacts
  • Pension and benefit planning for employees in the company
  • Long-term: improving the resilience of the company and its organization

As part of blackout prevention and preparation, we analyze business processes, key resources, and their criticality or vulnerability in the event of a problem. Using business impact analysis and risk management, we evaluate potential impacts and make proposals in collaboration with the respective client.

The end result is jointly defined preventive or preparatory measures for risk minimization. These include emergency plans, guidelines and instructions for employees, decision-making structures, and checks on what needs to be observed in the event of a blackout in order to be best prepared for a later restart, to update data, and to synchronize systems.

Blackouts often have similar effects as cyber attacks, fire events, etc. It is therefore synergistic to consider other damaging events in the course of blackout preparation and to make further considerations on risk management, emergency management, and crisis (or business continuity) management for the company.

Subsidies possible!

By the way: the WKO offers subsidies for blackout consultations. We are listed as consultants, meaning companies are refunded up to 100% of the expenses for the blackout precaution consultation after the corresponding funding approval.