Digitization and digital transformation are just as important for small and medium-sized enterprises as they are for big corporations.

Digitization of companies and their business processes is THE gamechanger!

Intelligent use of the latest technology opens up opportunities for companies to grow, implement more effective processes, increase their efficiency and make cost savings, including beyond the company boundaries. At the same time, effective management and implementation of customer interaction leads to greater customer acceptance.

The design and optimization of process chains is crucially important in this context: both internally and in dealing with end customers (b2C), suppliers and partners (b2b). Or a combination of all these perspectives. Whether it’s in online sales and management of customer interactions, consistent logistics processes or supply chain management. Customer relationship management, unique customer experiences and new business models are just as much the focus here as technical processes, IoT in production, analysis and data science.
Agile organizations, procedural models and corresponding cultures also encourage this change.

The potential of digitization is enormous. Huge opportunities are opening up for small and medium-sized enterprises in particular!

“Digitization boost”: ResultONE can provide crucial assistance in driving forward with specific areas of digitization!

Success Stories

ResultONE already has a proven track record of solving – sometimes very challenging – tasks together with customers and to their satisfaction. Below are some examples of tasks that have been completed successfully in brief outline, in some cases with a focus on solutions in specific areas. In agreement with our customers, we have decided not to provide any references or project names.

In many cases, Act2Perform© has made a crucial contribution to a successful solution!


Blackout preparation: What happens if something happens? (Multiple clients)

Targeted preparation for crisis situations safeguards the company and, in the event of an incident, brings decisive advantages in dealing correctly with special situations such as a long-term blackout
Successful TechStartup

Professionalization of a technology startup

Introduction and establishment of integrated product management, quality management and customer and service management were essential elements in the development of a technology start-up into an established solution provider

Consolidation of telephone systems

The basis for new, future-proof voice communication solutions was created by consolidating heterogeneous telephone landscapes

Security assessments (multiple clients)

Regular IT security reviews, proper risk analysis and - based on these results - focused data and IT security concepts and measures help to reduce the threats of cyber attacks and ensure compliance with relevant data protection requirements.

Digitization: optimizing customer-related processes and ensuring reliability of delivery

Exploiting various types of potential for further digitization increased speed and quality of process implementation and improved fulfilment of promises given to end customers

Support for outsourcing, offshoring and re-insourcing

During successful implementation of various sourcing projects (outsourcing/offshoring/re-insourcing), involvement of external expertise and experience proved to be a crucial success factor both in project management and in technical/content-related tasks

Optimization of amalgamation of agile development with traditional IT systems

Improvement in IT service provision through optimization of processes for interaction between agile and traditionally developed systems, including DevOps and CI/CD, integrated view of features, releases and deployments

Savings-as-a-Service (“SavaS”)

Regular reviews of services, contracts and service levels optimize operational efficiency, help to exploit potential savings and support reallocation of resources for important tasks

Project manager has to operate in very difficult environment: support

Specific support for a project manager and the project team in dealing with difficult challenges and critical stakeholders made a significant contribution to the success of the project