Success Story

Consolidation of telephone systems


  • Over the years, various telephone systems were purchased by the individual organizational units
  • The knowledge about the systems, implemented functions, line and connection logic is increasingly being lost, there are hardly any knowledge carriers available now
  • The envisaged continuous transition to new, future-oriented telephone systems is uncertain

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Collection and analysis of the current status
  • Collection and documentation of the current processes and responsibilities
  • Determination, coordination, and implementation of the first quick wins
  • Development of migration scenarios and migration projects for the entire telephone system network
  • Reduction in associated costs and highlighting of further potential savings
  • Adaptation of the processes and responsibilities to current and future conditions and requirements


  • Rapid savings achieved through quick wins
  • Telephone systems have been consolidated and dismantled
  • Most participants were able to migrate to a new system
  • Special telephone services are being provided on a small telephone system or these services are bought in
  • Processes and responsibilities are newly regulated


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