We support design and implementation projects for realization of specific topics in various roles: with direct involvement as a project manager, with advice and support including coaching, expertise and capacity support. Through specific support for selected areas, we are able to increase their prospects of success. 

We provide support for the implementation of all topics on which we give advice! 

On the basis of deep-dive analyses, we support the setup of effective organizations and processes for implementation in specific areas.
And when it comes to implementation, we also cover the entire IT value chain throughout the software and IT lifecycle.

Areas supported

Here is a sample of the various areas we cover and in which we provide support to our customers:

IT management and organization

Optimization of IT organization and processes, sourcing and transformation, IT transformation, nearshoring/offshoring, IT governance, management of IT investments, project/portfolio management, make-or-buy decisions, business process support, identification and exploitation of optimization potential, IT strategy, 
positioning of IT in the company, appreciation of IT services

IT infrastructure and operations

Operating and organizational models, operations & delivery (continuous integration, continuous delivery), due diligence, ITIL, establishment of current mode of operations / modelling of future mode of operations, contract and SLA/OLA management

Operational excellence

Operational efficiency, optimization of the efficiency of organizations and processes, optimization of efficiency and effectiveness, identification and realization of short, medium and long-term optimization and savings potential, quick wins, etc.


Conception, implementation and extension of new, innovative topics, introduction and establishment of relevant innovation processes and mechanisms.

We are also happy to provide support in pioneering situations.

Topic-specific support

Support for tenders, obtaining quotes and assessments, completion of audits, establishment and development of risk and claims management, obtaining cross-check quotes

“Digitization boost”

Pushing forward with individual areas of digitization, development and continuation of strategies for digitization and digital transformation

Blackout precaution

Business impact analysis, risk management and mitigation, planning of technical and organisational measures, emergency and crisis plans, instructions for staff, decision-making structures, through to restart checks and measures for system and data synchronisation.

Emergency Preparedness, Business Continuity Management

Emergency and crisis planning and management, preparation, business impact analysis, risk management and mitigation, planning of technical and organisational measures, support in emergency and crisis plan preparation incl. restart planning and measures for system and data synchronisation.
Support in operational crisis management

Data und IT Security

Implementation of data protection and IT security concepts, dealing with cyber risks, observance of GDPR regulations, compliance

Support with resources

IT architecture through development, testing, infrastructure, operation, maintenance and support. Both for agile procedures (e.g. DevOps) and waterfall approaches.

Change Management

Together with our partners, we also cover change management. In doing so, we attach particular value to an integrated approach: we adopt a holistic perspective which is based on the tension between strategy, structure and culture.

Change management – in other words, significant, planned changes and systematic transformation of an organization – affects organizational structure, organizational culture and the individual behavior of employees equally.