Act2Perform© range of solutions

In many cases, we recognize the starting point: those responsible have too little time and are drowning in work, the number of issues and problems that come up is barely manageable. The measures taken are unsatisfactory, often creative solutions have run out – you are “stewing in your own juices”, as it were.
 These are just the sort of challenges with which ResultONE can help from outside, with various support packages and help to help yourself.

The Act2Perform© “first aid box”

The patient is suffering, effective first aid is essential (to survival). These are precisely the situations for which the Act2Perform© “first aid box” has been developed.

The Act2Perform© first aid box is intended to provide fast support in specific areas (e.g. contracts, SLAs, budgets, portfolios, activities, priorities, awkward situations, risks, claims, etc.). It provides a quick way of tackling the task and uses structured problem identifications, including on the basis of a 360° analysis of the most important factors.

The results provide a first, general status assessment, the first ideas for solutions and potential quick wins. In addition, the Act2Perform© first aid box offers ideas for further effective steps and possible step-by-step solutions. By highlighting potential solutions and actions, the basis is created for subsequent long-term, sustainable rectification of the problem.

The Act2Perform© first aid box typically includes the following steps:

  1. Agreement of the most important parameters (including a description of the problem, aim, scope, volume, provisions, responsibilities)
  2. Sorting of key information
  3. Interviews with key individuals/stakeholders
  4. Drafts, conclusions
  5. Interim coordination with the customer
  6. Finalization
  7. Decision, indication of further steps

The Act2Perform© first aid box is available as a flat-rate package in various sizes (depending on the issue in question).

Help to help yourself

In many cases, getting help to help yourself is the best approach for a sustainable solution. Potential solutions are often already present in the consciousness of those involved without them realizing it. It sometimes only requires small impulses from outside to release that potential. Additional tips and suggestions and specific support help to deal with specific issues.

On the basis of a situational analysis, we draw up a schedule with our customers to improve the situation in question step-by-step. The heart of the solution is often ongoing, recurring application of Act2Perform© content and elements. We guide you using specific content and mechanisms to improve your situation continuously, while ensuring appropriate sustainability of your solution. Depending on your needs and requirements, external reviews and additional measures can optimize the solution further.

Dealing with difficult customers, management of difficult contractors, excessive change requests, heavy pressure to perform, everything has to be ready immediately and at the same time, high pressure of expectation on the part of users and customers, including as a driver for undesirable provisional arrangements, unsatisfactory appreciation of services provided, handling of (coronavirus-related) interventions and changes, problems in specific areas, … the list of challenges we have come across in corporate settings could go on and on.

On the basis of situational analysis and self assessments on the part of the customer, ResultONE provides support by triggering internal self-help processes, providing targeted assistance in difficult areas and, if necessary, offering coaching for those involved.

In many case, detailed engagement with the problems in question helps, including specific preparation of one’s own potential responses, changes in approaches and actions, training in appropriate approaches, support mechanisms such as the 4-eyes/buddy principle and clear documentation of agreements.

Defining clear rules and keeping precise records are also effective measures. Dissemination of the solutions achieved, e.g. through a snowball system, plays its part and contributes significantly to sustainable improvement.

Act2Perform© coaching

In dealing with difficult issues, targeted coaching of individuals is often effective. Those receiving coaching can often achieve sustainable improvements specifically through the application of Act2Perform© materials and elements and their use for the specific problem.

We apply our extensive experience of both the content of projects delivered and top management positions to support individuals in specific areas. The Act2Perform© approach is particularly helpful in a wide range of situations. The heart of the solution is often ongoing, recurring application of Act2Perform© materials and elements.

On this basis, we coach both project managers and (young) executives and act as a sparring partner in difficult situations or specific project phases. For example, we are happy to support young project managers in dealing with difficult clients, customers and stakeholders, helping them to prepare crucial meetings with management boards and supervisory boards and to break bad news, etc.

Act2Perform© training courses

Act2Perform© training courses and workshops complement our range of services.

Along with the Act2Perform© first aid box, help to help yourself and coaching of individuals, training courses and workshops are a proven method of developing and passing on solutions and expertise and sharing experiences.

We offer both general courses on the Act2Perform© approach, content and procedures and on specific application of Act2Perform© in defined areas (e.g. risk/claims management for project managers dealing with difficult partners).

In the course of the training, we also offer help to help yourself on the basis of selected tasks.

We are also happy to provide train the trainer concepts for passing on solutions using the snowball system.