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The Exciting Race for IT Specialists

In order to stay ahead in the race for IT professionals, new work models, customized offers and flexibility for individual job configurations must be developed in addition to recurring classic technical, cultural and leadership issues

Save your millions!

How to deal professionally with surprises and challenges, awkward customers and partners. And how to plan for the unplannable.

Digitalization, “old hat”. But: what happens next?

The speed and intensity of digitalization are set to increase further. Highly automated, continuous IT process support is crucial; technological game changers will make the difference in certain areas. The right employees are essential!

NIS-2 – Taking cybercrime resistance to the next level

The new NIS-2 Directive regarding critical facility resilience is in the pipeline and will affect a number of additional companies. Even companies that are not (yet) affected by the existing NIS Directive would be well-advised to align their IT security measures with it and take far-reaching security precautions.
Cyber Attack

Cyberattacks: Is your company adequately protected?

Cybercrime has become a highly professional, very lucrative industry. Every company is urgently advised to invest in its cyber defense, to ramp it up and optimize it continuously!

Cloud transformation: Implementation

70% of cloud initiatives fail because employees are not “on board”. You can do better!

Cloud transformation: Preparation

Defining an effective cloud strategy and overall considerations of cost-effectiveness are the key elements in good preparation

Change Your Game!

Game changers: how to handle game changers and: why are they so important?
Act2Perform - Get Ready

Act2Perform©, one of the most powerful tools of ResultONE

Challenges? Act2Perform© and Double Act2Perform© help organizations to solve difficult tasks expertly

Is the failure of IT organizations just a matter of time under the pressure to become agile?

IT organizations risk being torn apart in the tension between management of highly standardized enterprise IT, introduction of agile solutions and the high pressure of expectation from users and end customers.

Why St. Florian CANNOT help IT this time and what you can do about it now

For many people, the roof is on fire at the moment. Smart organizations can come out of the crisis stronger. The right strategy is crucial!
IT Operations Harmonisierung

IT operations treasure hunt – harmonization as an additional optimization step

Harmonization of IT is one of the crucial steps in optimizing costs and efficiency. Elementary risks confront the realization of harmonization projects with large challenges, particularly at international level.