Act2Perform©, one of the most powerful tools of ResultONE

The tool

One of our preferred methods for solving difficult tasks is taking the standard approach of Act2Perform©, a basic procedure that can be applied to a wide range of areas. Act2Perform© is one of the most powerful tools of ResultONE and helps to solve a wide range of tasks.

Act2Perform - Get Ready

On the basis of an analysis of the current situation, Act2Perform© helps to identify predetermined target corridors and relevant scenarios, potential, opportunities and risks and, building on that, to identify possible actions, specific measures and priorities. In doing so, Act2Perform© focuses on relevant content in a needs-based and target-oriented way.

Act2Perform© can be applied equally to short-term, medium-term and long-term perspectives, while still focusing on the here and now (“quick wins”): achieving initial successes quickly confirms the methods chosen and acts as an additional motivating factor.

Specific expertise

The real secret to the success of Act2Perform© lies in a series of topic-specific adaptations and extensions which have been developed on the basis of many years of experience and are available for a wide range of applications.

Themenspezifisches Knowhow

Companies use Act2Perform© for decisions about the optimal use of their IT equipment, while CIOs ensure the performance of their IT at all times on the basis of Act2Perform©.

Act2Perform© has proven its value in numerous practical applications that solve a wide range of tasks.

The approaches

The approaches of Act2Perform© are equally attractive to CEOs and CIOs:

Act2Perform©: the cooperative approach

On the basis of joint analysis, ResultONE and the company or the company’s IT department work out common scenarios, solutions and recommended actions


Double Act2Perform©: the competitive approach

This is an extension of the cooperative approach:

Double Act2Perform© combines the competence of the internal team and its insight with external expertise and an outside perspective. In a specified competitive situation, drafts, concepts, ideas etc. created separately by the company’s IT department and ResultONE are compared and evaluated, and the optimal combination is put together to form an overall outcome.

CEOs and CIOs gain an external perspective and consolidate their decisions with this approach, CIOs also benefit from optimal preparation of their actions in relation to the company as a whole.

Sample applications

The sample applications provide a colorful image of the tasks we have completed successfully:

  • Verification of the efficiency of organizations, parts of organizations and processes
  • Identification of potential for reallocation and saving of resources along the entire IT value chain
  • Design and implementation of effective service delivery models in a heterogeneous IT environment (agile IT/legacy IT)
  • Conception and establishment of “right speed IT” in the tension between agile and traditional IT
  • Acceleration options for project portfolios and roadmaps
  • Review of ongoing activities, reprioritization of topics and reallocation of resources to manage impending challenges
  • Restructuring of organizations and associated processes to make them agile
  • Detailed design of stage-gate models, quality gates and definitions of done
  • Analysis of contracts and SLAs as the basis for redesign of contracts
  • Evidence of effective use of resources and optimal preparation of anticipated audits
  • Preparation of the basis for decision-making to consolidate IT infrastructures, outsourcing, IT transition and IT transformation
  • Introduction and establishment of claims management as a key element in dealing with difficult business partners
  • Disaster recovery: design and production of appropriate and effective solutions
  • Introduction and establishment of consistent risk management

On the basis of the results of Act2Perform©, ResultONE has been able to achieve outstanding results and optimal solutions in consultation with the customer, especially in difficult situations.


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