IT infrastructure and operations

Throughout the operations lifecycle of IT infrastructure and operations, we provide support with tasks such as specifications and development of data centers and their tier level rating and associated projects in the transition and transformation phases. 

For the existing infrastructure, the “current mode of operations” forms the basis for all decisions and for identifying possible savings and quick wins. This survey provides an overall view from a technological, process-based and budgetary perspective and runs in a similar way to due diligence.

The focus of our consultancy is on the operating, organizational and delivery models and the associated ITIL processes.
We also contribute our expertise to modeling the future mode of operations, the investments identified from this and the necessary programs and projects.

Based on our many years of experience, we are happy to support your outsourcing and outtasking projects, from the definition of your project, design of the contract and contract negotiations through to conclusion, conception and implementation of the processes and services required and setup of the necessary SLA/OLA management system. 

In the context of handovers and takeovers in the area of IT infrastructure and operations, we also support companies in carrying out appropriate due diligence checks or we can complete them on their behalf.

Success Stories

ResultONE already has a proven track record of solving – sometimes very challenging – tasks together with customers and to their satisfaction. Below are some examples of tasks that have been completed successfully in brief outline, in some cases with a focus on solutions in specific areas. In agreement with our customers, we have decided not to provide any references or project names.

In many cases, Act2Perform© has made a crucial contribution to a successful solution!


Blackout preparation: What happens if something happens? (Multiple clients)

Targeted preparation for crisis situations safeguards the company and, in the event of an incident, brings decisive advantages in dealing correctly with special situations such as a long-term blackout
Security Assessments

Implementation of integrated security assessments (multiple clients)

It was possible to sustainably reduce cyberattack threats and ensure compliance with the necessary data protection requirements through IT security reviews, clean risk analyses and the effective, resulting data and IT security concepts as well as measures
Successful TechStartup

Professionalization of a technology startup

Introduction and establishment of integrated product management, quality management and customer and service management were essential elements in the development of a technology start-up into an established solution provider

DevOps in complex environments: a practical example

In a complex environment, the output could be massively increased with the invariant team by setting up a DevOps organization and increasing the degree of automation of the various processes
Performance Optimization

Load and performance tuning of a large corporate suite

Significant performance improvements can be achieved through targeted, intensive collaboration between vendors, the DevOps team and the outsourcing provider. In the example shown, the processing times were halved despite a doubling of data volumes!

Consolidation of telephone systems

The basis for new, future-proof voice communication solutions was created by consolidating heterogeneous telephone landscapes

Security assessments (multiple clients)

Regular IT security reviews, proper risk analysis and - based on these results - focused data and IT security concepts and measures help to reduce the threats of cyber attacks and ensure compliance with relevant data protection requirements.

Optimization of IT deployment under difficult budgetary conditions

A focus of IT provision on absolute necessities coordinated across the company and simultaneous measures to reduce technical complexity and increase efficiency and effectiveness succeeded in making significant improvements to the deployment of IT resources

Digitization: optimizing customer-related processes and ensuring reliability of delivery

Exploiting various types of potential for further digitization increased speed and quality of process implementation and improved fulfilment of promises given to end customers