Success Story

Load and performance tuning of a large corporate suite


  • Daily and monthly processing of customer data and contracts on the suite is performed based on a myriad (>400!) of different batches
  • In addition, two PEAK days per month require increased runtime due to the need to process all contracts
  • At the earliest, the end-of-day processing may take place after the POS is closed and must be completed before midnight, i.e., a maximum of four hours is available
  • By discontinuing various legacy systems and transferring their data to the central system, the number of contracts there will double within a few months and subsequently even increase tenfold

Contribution ResultONE

  • Setup of a task force with the involvement of all suppliers and the operating teams
  • Organization of the appropriate test environment and test data
  • Initiation of the target-oriented analysis, optimization and database tuning measures
  • Introduction of twice-a-day meetings for coordination, the provision of deliverables, and clarification of the next steps
  • Daily provision of information to various stakeholders such as program management and shareholders


  • Despite doubling the number of contracts, significant improvements in various key performance indicators were achieved, including
    • Halving the daily batch processing time
    • Processing the volumes of PEAK days in 2.5 hours
  • As part of a preparatory deployment, extensive mechanisms for comprehensive load balancing and the flexibly parameterizable, highly scalable parallelization of batch processes were implemented
  • Other future improvement opportunities were developed and documented


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