Success Story

DevOps in complex environments: a practical example


  • A corporation’s large suite requires the provision and go-live of complex releases at an ever-faster pace with ongoing enhancement and migration of features
    • The number of stages is constantly growing and with it the number of required deployments at the individual stages
    • Sprint planning for the stages requires ever shorter preparation times for the associated infrastructures and thus an ever-faster provision of the environments
    • This leads to an increased number of incidents and hotfixes. In the course of troubleshooting and deployments, close integration with development and comprehensive control and support of the outsourcing partner are therefore also required
    • The realization times must be shortened for the planning and management of system operation with the provision of stages, setup of new stages and infrastructure updates (HW, network, server, firewall, etc.)
  • Additional task: Preparing the overall system for planned large-scale data migrations downstream

Contribution ResultONE

  • Position DevOps management and operations control in one person, setting ongoing coordination and control measures, etc.
    • Ongoing assignment and maintenance of user stories in releases
    • Integrated planning of the deployments as well as any necessary hotfixes
    • Introduction of daily stand-ups to coordinate the operations team, environment manager, deployment manager and outsourcing partner
    • Introduction of a daily incident board
  • Ongoing planning of the operating costs as well as the costs of the individual stages
  • As a basis for the planned data migrations, a tight schedule with all dependencies was created, tested and also successfully implemented


  • No further deployments had to be withdrawn
  • Stages were set up in time and budget
  • Close cooperation and coordination of all involved parties from development to operation is practiced in day-to-day operations
  • In parallel: Successful execution of the first major data migration as a blueprint for subsequent migrations


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