We support our customers with resources, skills and expertise according to their requirements. Our range covers everything from IT planning and architecture, through development and testing, to infrastructure and operation, including maintenance and ongoing support. We can play our part in both agile procedures (e.g. DevOps) and in models based on the waterfall approach.

On the basis of our extensive experience in top management positions, we coach both project managers and (young) executives and act as sparring partners in difficult situations or specific project phases. For example, we are happy to support young project managers in dealing with difficult stakeholders and preparing crucial meetings with management boards and supervisory boards, etc.

We provide support for the preparation and management of audits or carry them out ourselves; in the public sector, we also help to prepare for audits by the Court of Audit.

On the basis of our many years of experience in various IT management positions, we offer a wide range of services in the context of interim management for temporary takeover of management responsibility. This also includes assistance and taking over responsibility for setup, development and conversion phases of companies and startups.