Who we are

We are a team of consultants with a background of many years in top management. Our strengths lie in areas in the IT environment and in business consulting, including enterprise organization.

What others talk about, we have experienced in practice – we do the right things at the right time. We are often called in specifically in difficult, complex situations to find smart solutions to the satisfaction of customers.

Our customers are both end-users and system companies. In addition, we have a network of highly qualified partners.

On the basis of our many years of practical management experience, we develop sustainable concepts with our customers and support their implementation, including in the long term.

The benefit to you is an increase in your success on the basis of our expertise and many years of practical experience! We know what to do, when and how to do it!

We take responsibility.
Down to the last detail.

Sharing in your success is what drives us.

ResultONE Management

Managing Partner
CIO Topics, PM, Management Consulting

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Managing Partner
Delivery & Operations, PM, Business Consulting

Partner network

For implementation of measures in each area, ResultONE can draw on an extensive network of partners: This network consists of both highly qualified consultants – mostly former CEOs, CFOs and former managers with many years of practical experience – and selected corporate partners which are highly specialized and among the leading companies in their fields.

ResultONE is therefore able to offer integrated services under one roof.

Company development

Founding of the company, focus on the business areas of IT and management consulting and IT services
Expansion of the portfolio and provision of services under one roof,
 establishment of an extensive partner network
Change of form to ResultONE IT & Management Consulting GmbH, which also serves as an umbrella company for the activities of the partner network
Establishment of Act2Perform© as an effective procedural model with topic-specific versions