Interim management

On the basis of our many years of experience in various IT management positions, we offer a wide range of services for temporary takeover of management responsibility.

This also includes assistance and taking over responsibility for setup, development and conversion phases of companies and startups.

For example, as interim managers we take on responsibility for entire companies or parts of companies, we represent internal managers or compensate for a lack of availability of internal capacity in transitional phases.
We are also happy to provide management coaching, coaching of executives and support in difficult areas.

Success Stories

ResultONE already has a proven track record of solving – sometimes very challenging – tasks together with customers and to their satisfaction. Below are some examples of tasks that have been completed successfully in brief outline, in some cases with a focus on solutions in specific areas. In agreement with our customers, we have decided not to provide any references or project names.

In many cases, Act2Perform© has made a crucial contribution to a successful solution!

CIO Support

Supporting and coaching the CIO of a medium-sized industrial company

Supporting the fulfillment of "IT homework" brought significant relief to the new CIO, whose focus on particularly challenging issues led to an overall improvement in the acceptance of IT and its position in the company
Customer Security Management

Development and establishment of customer security management

The establishment of customer-specific Customer Security Managers is an essential element in the expansion and intensification of the customer orientation of a major IT service provider
Successful TechStartup

Professionalization of a technology startup

Introduction and establishment of integrated product management, quality management and customer and service management were essential elements in the development of a technology start-up into an established solution provider

DevOps in complex environments: a practical example

In a complex environment, the output could be massively increased with the invariant team by setting up a DevOps organization and increasing the degree of automation of the various processes

“Part-time CIO” in a medium-sized company

The commitment of an external “part-time CIO” allows strong and strategic management of IT deployment even in small and medium-sized enterprises

In a large construction project, IT is facing a crash situation

Fast identification of a need for action and definition of effective steps in finding a solution, tough coordination of everyone involved, intensive stakeholder management and transparent reporting and escalation helped to defuse the situation and ensure project success

Mainframe replacement – project manager and general contractor

A focus on compliance with clear service agreements, close, ongoing consultation with the customer and extensive technical expertise took the project, which had a difficult history, to a successful conclusion