Success Story

“Part-time CIO” in a medium-sized company

Problem (multiple clients)

  • A medium-sized company (> 300 employees) has a small IT department. A local IT partner is relied on for extended support, server administration and installations.
  • An internal, full-time CIO, who provides support for development of IT, IT strategy and architecture, choice of systems, contract design and other, more complex IT-related issues, is not paying off.
  • The management does not have an advisory partner for development of IT in relation to the ongoing expansion of the company.

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Takeover of the CIO function for a few hours a week. Decision-making on IT issues, representation and assertion of IT considerations internally and externally. Management of IT, management of partners and contracts. Ensuring availability of relevant expertise
  • Consulting partner for management, ensuring ongoing balance between corporate strategy and development of IT


  • Cost-benefit ratio optimal for the company
  • Resolution of conflicts of interest and – where necessary – clean escalation structure


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