Success Story

Development and establishment of customer security management


  • A very large IT service provider would like to set up specific Customer Security Managers for important customers who, in the sense of a single point of contact, take care of all IT security-related issues of the respective customer
  • The service provider has a very complex organization. Despite various cross-sectional functions, it is siloed technologically and topically in large areas. Processes are aligned with and optimized for internal concerns and tasks
  • Customers must adapt to and align themselves with the service provider’s fundamental ways of working and functioning, processes, mechanisms, and prioritizations
  • The establishment of the Customer Security Manager function breaks new ground within the service provider

Contribution ResultONE

  • Development of a role model for the function of a Customer Security Manager, including the scope of tasks, associated responsibilities, processes and integration of the new function into the service provider’s organization
  • Creation and establishment of the role “on the living object” by means of a pilot customer, subsequent handover to internal employees
  • Setup and development of the role as a blueprint for the implementation of additional Customer Security Managers for further customers
  • Demonstration of long-term potential, development prospects and organizational development opportunities for the function


  • The role of the Customer Security Manager is alive and well at the pilot customer
  • High acceptance rate of the role, high satisfaction and very good feedback from the customer
  • This also improves the image of the IT service provider in terms of customer orientation and customer-focused positioning


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