Success Story

In a large construction project, IT is facing a crash situation


  • Very large construction project. Focus is on the building work, IT is a marginal issue despite its high complexity
  • Implementation of IT by putting a large number of part solutions and internal systems out to tender. But no overview of IT, many incomplete concepts, a lot of things that do not match, no consistent management of all IT projects
  • A large number of stakeholders, huge conflicts of interest and language barriers (management speak <-> construction speak <-> IT speak)

Contribution of ResultONE

  • In the role of “ICT coordinator” and “general ICT provider”: Acting as a referee organizer, mediator, arranger, translator between contractors, architects, planners, implementation partners, on-site building management, etc. in bringing about effective solutions
  • Establishment of a reliable IT status reporting system based on an end-to-end customer perspective as the key to all construction-related management decisions
  • In the course of the project, support for the customer and its legal team in taking the necessary legal steps against various building planners and implementation partners


  • Functioning interaction of all IT components ensured end-to-end, successful commissioning of all IT systems without problems. Despite a huge public discussion of the construction and construction issues: not a single IT problem was raised


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