Success Story

Large systems: migrations and replacements

Problem (multiple clients)

  • Migration or replacement of a large system confronts clients with big challenges because of the sheer size and complexity, and managers have little experience of such projects
  • As the systems are critical to business, the conversions simply have to work, serious problems or even failure are not acceptable
  • The systems are extremely complex, some of the interfaces and functions have been forgotten, some managers are no longer available

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Development of an effective overall approach to the conversion
  • Creation of transparency concerning the interfaces involved and collaboration with partner systems, resolution of target system uncertainties (for large function blocks, the target system is usually defined; with small functions, the need for migration/integration and transfer to the target systems is often unclear, however)
  • Completion of a migration study, development of migration plans with the aim of avoiding a big bang conversion and implementing gradual migrations with fallback options, detailed development of the quality gates for approval of the next steps
  • Setup of the necessary project structures, support for internal project managers in delivering the project, coordination with relevant departments and provision of a decision-making mechanism in the form of steering committees


  • Clean technical migration, transparent involvement of the departments concerned and support form the management made a significant contribution to the smooth conversion


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