Success Story

Supporting and coaching the CIO of a medium-sized industrial company


  • The CIO of a medium-sized industrial company recently took on his new role. He was confronted with a plethora of different tasks; moreover, many problems had remained unresolved by his predecessor. Various technological changes are pending and require far-reaching migrations.
  • Despite his full commitment, he can only cover the most important topics for reasons of capacity, other tasks can only be treated superficially. Numerous others remain
  • Management puts a lot of pressure on IT to both drive the digitization of the company as well as support a range of product launches and efficiency and effectiveness improvement projects

Contribution ResultONE

  • Review, adaptation and continuation of the IT strategy including the planned technology roadmap as well as the project and activity portfolio
  • Support in setting up an IT master plan and a digitization roadmap, introduction of elementary mechanisms for portfolio and capacity management, and making the necessary adjustments to IT governance for company-wide decisions on the use of IT
  • Analysis of the use of IT funds, identification of potential for fund reallocation, savings, but also the need for funds to address capacity shortfalls
  • Review of important projects, evaluation according to quality and risk management aspects, partial support of individual project managers as sparring partners as well as through effective escalation management
  • Checks, analyses and optimizations of various IT infrastructures and operational issues, from processes as well as potentials to performance optimization and increased efficiency and effectiveness


  • Interim outsourcing of supporting activities enabled significant relief for the CIO and concentration of his capacities on pressing issues
  • Transparency of planned implementations, streamlining of topics and focus on content led to significantly better feedback from departments
  • Added benefit: The stronger presence of the CIO led to the improved acceptance of IT and its position in the company


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