Success Story

Blackout preparation: What happens if something happens? (Multiple clients)


  • The company is aware of its dependence on uninterruptible electrical power, and in some cases specific measures have been taken to safeguard the power supply or in the event of short-term power failures
  • Various considerations in the event of a prolonged power outage have been made, but have not been fully thought through. In the event of a blackout, there is no crisis plan in the true sense of the word
  • Employees are aware of the potential problem of a blackout, but ignore it or do not address it further because of the assumption that such an event is very unlikely to occur

Contribution ResultONE

  • Survey and analysis of already existing approaches to solutions, emergency plans and precautionary measures taken
  • Support in defining blackout/threat scenarios, assessing and identifying the need for action, opportunities and options


  • The company is prepared for longer power outages: A crisis plan for action in the event of a blackout is in place, employees have been informed and instructed, important agreements have been reached, and organizational and technical measures have been defined
  • Additional benefits: Simulating important processes based on various blackout scenarios also brought to light various other company weaknesses, which could be eliminated in a targeted manner with little effort


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