Success Story

Optimization of IT deployment under difficult budgetary conditions


  • Very heavy pressure on all budgets, further savings and cuts expected
  • At the same time, IT has to implement a very large number of projects and meet new requirements under extreme time pressure. Urgent end-of-life conversions also essential
  • The variety of systems and technologies used requires a lot of maintenance effort and complex IT operations

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Definition of IT system and architecture roadmap as the basis for further implementations and simultaneous simplification of IT operations
  • Prioritization of all important project deliveries and ongoing IT activities, cancellation of all non-essential areas
  • Implementation of various measures to increase efficiency and effectiveness as the basis for redeployment of resources and savings
  • Transparent presentation of the impact of decisions on IT as the basis for change in the mindset of decision-makers and management regarding the use of IT and possible savings


  • Clearly agreed IT roadmap in place, clearing out of non-essential projects and activities
  • Simplification of IT operations imposed
  • Transparency of impacts of decisions on IT has led to greater acceptance of IT issues and a change of awareness of IT
  • Optimal deployment of IT resources in relation to company requirements ensured


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