Success Story

Digitization: optimizing customer-related processes and ensuring reliability of delivery


  • The internal and external processes for logistics, product configuration and administration, involvement of suppliers and online shopping through to delivery to end customers involve a multitude of systems and manual interventions.
  • The consequence is a high susceptibility to error and long process times

Contribution of ResultONE

  • End-to-end analysis of the systems, data and processes involved from the perspective both of end customers and of logistics partners and internal parts of the organization
  • Analysis of weaknesses and identification of potential as the basis for reengineering of important organizational processes and the associated technical implementation. Focus on optimization of quality and speed of internal and end-customer-related processes and improvement of online presence (partial redesign)
  • Implementation of integrated process monitoring for fast identification of problems
  • Creation of a roadmap to intensify process monitoring, implement further process improvements, simplify possible product configurations and streamline the system landscape in the long term


  • More efficient process management and improvement in quality have led to faster processes, better fulfillment of end-customer-related promises and a reduction in problems in day-to-day business 


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