Success Story

Support for outsourcing, offshoring and re-insourcing

Problem (multiple projects)

  • In order to support strategic and commercial objectives, various IT systems for development, maintenance and/or operation are to be outsourced, offshored or taken back by one or more partners
  • Conception and implementation of the sourcing activities are to be supported by external experts who have particular experience of contract design, specific implementation details and important and critical success factors
  • The collaboration with the outsourcing partner is not satisfactory and requires significant improvement

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Support in the design and implementation of sourcing activities and ongoing assistance (in part)
  • Contributions to the scope of the sourcing, SLAs for standard service processes and special situations, setup and management of partnerships including agreement of consequences, establishment of effective quality management mechanisms, changes to the necessary skill set of employees; setup of effective governance, decision-making and escalation committees, support for transformation and transfer of employees, transfer of infrastructure and implementation of “open book” takeovers, ongoing review of cost-effectiveness; creation of resource reserves for fast intervention requirements during implementation, software escrow (setting up source texts, scripts, etc. by qualified partners) and regulations on intellectual property rights (IPR) including relevant scripts, etc.
  • Design of important service processes, e.g. prompt information and coordination on all sides, setup of bridgehead functions, assurance of continuous service provision and software delivery


  • Successful implementation of the sourcing measures to the satisfaction of the customers. Importance of and focus on the key factors prioritized in the sourcing collaboration between the partners also confirmed in the long term


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