Success Story

Assertion of IT interests in a difficult environment


  • Significant parts of IT have been outsourced to various different partners. There are many shortcomings in the service, conflicts of interest and finger-pointing ensue. Some partners are difficult to pin down, they barely respond to the pressure of internal customer complaints, escalations achieve very little.
  • Dissatisfaction of users with the provision of IT services is high, the customer is not well positioned to manage the partners. Re-insourcing is out of the question.

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Analysis of existing contracts taking account of the medium and long-term service requirements and identification of the necessary need for change
  • Redesign of the contracts, creation of a greater competitive situation between partners and agreement of various incentive systems
  • Establishment of overarching, integrated QA mechanisms between the partner services, setup of stringent SLA management by the customer on this basis and clear contract control


  • Control of the partners has been improved significantly, new governance and communication structures are having an impact
  • IT service provision on the basis of the new agreements has improved significantly, internal customer acceptance problems have reduced
  • Additional benefit: by omitting over-ambitious SLA requirements and re-designing various SLA levels, it has also been possible to make savings


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