Success Story

Optimization of amalgamation of agile development with traditional IT systems


  • Complex system landscape. Individual systems converted to agile development have to interact with large systems mainly based on waterfall development
  • Development status, interfaces, data and feature versions differ at individual stages and in some cases do not match; ensuring a functioning interaction in the context of releases is very complex and labor-intensive
  • Internal deadline promises cannot be met, delayed deployments and reduction in promised feature versions are hindering market operations

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Setup and optimization of defined processes for planning and clarification of details for all interfaces, versions and necessary requirements of features as the basis for integrated planning of releases and deployments over the course of time
  • Focus: compliance with internal deadline promises and intensive quality management, test planning, early completion of essential (partial) integration tests, careful planning of the feature content and roadmaps


  • Clarity and a high degree of transparency concerning interfaces, function and feature dependencies across all systems. Also (new) development of knowledge of all systems and basis for scrutiny of the use of existing solutions created
  • Optimization of the interplay between agile development and existing legacy systems, regulations for deployment of general functions have been established
  • Compliance with deadlines for promised release versions and end-customer-related deployments improved


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