Success Story

Assertion of customer interests with a difficult implementation partner


  • The customer ordered a turnkey solution under conditions that were bad for it
  • Many delays in delivery, reductions in function, quality problems, ongoing additional demands. Supplier problems such as widespread sites, a lack of internal communication and language problems were passed on to the customer (“contributions of the customer inadequate”)
  • Extreme commercial exploitation of the de facto monopoly situation by the supplier
  • Customer was barely able to control the partner or confront it effectively

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Setup of effective project organization
  • Overall professionalization of the actions of the customer in relation to the partner: setup and establishment of risk and claims management, defined change request and quality management, regulation of the customer’s contribution obligations, records, …
  • Ongoing coaching of the project manager in dealing with partners and decision-makers


  • Assertion of the customer’s interests and establishment of effective collaboration
  • Definition and implementation of a solution that is effective for the customer


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