ResultONE provides crucial support in a crisis

The Covid-19 transformation and its effects on IT

The current Covid-19 crisis is a trigger and one of the drivers of huge change.

  • Established supply chains are susceptible to failure and inevitably lead to a rethink of the entire supply chain management.
  • But the external forces have altered customer and market behavior extremely quickly.
  • Internal collaboration, working practices and processes have also changed at the same speed.
  • Some of this new behavior will also continue after the crisis.

Serious challenges for CIOs

Successful crisis management and rapid responses to essential changes (e.g. working from home, online selling) have helped CIOs to gain recognition for the efficiency of IT.

The business impacts of Covid-19 will force CIOs

  • to cut costs, particularly in the short term. This also includes reviewing fixed, unused capacities and resetting initiatives
  • In addition, there is permanent pressure on ensuring the availability, security and integrity of systems and continuously improving their performance
  • Alongside this, CIOs should look for opportunities to boost the productivity of value creation with IT support

Leadership in innovation

CIOs simultaneously have the opportunity to become leaders in innovation instead of simply managing the negative consequences effectively!

  • Previous crises have shown that companies that simply make cuts and wait things out fare worse than those that make cuts but also invest in a targeted and considered way.
  • Important: using the momentum of the changes NOW and taking action quickly, effectively and sustainably is vital

Support from ResultONE is crucial

Even while the crisis is ongoing, the expertise of ResultONE can make a crucial contribution to being better prepared for the future and using the crisis as an opportunity.

ResultONE has established the Act2Perfom© procedural model to deal with issues in a structured and customer-oriented way and implement measures accordingly. Act2Perform© has proven itself in practical application many times over!

Act2Perform© addresses typical areas of activity such as

  • increasing productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • driving forward with digitization, technological orientation and networked, integrated, virtual working
  • driving forward with innovation of topics, products and processes
  • basic review of topics, investments and portfolio offered

On the basis of an analysis of the current situation and future scenarios, Act2Perform© identifies potential, opportunities, risks and specific measures and priorities.


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