Success Story

IT solution off the rails: Mediator and problem-solver interceding between department, IT and external partners

Problem (multiple clients)

  • Very low level of acceptance of procured solution among users, employees also complaining about significant shortcomings in performance across the entire system landscape
  • Users, internal IT and external system and operating partners all blaming one another and ongoing denial of responsibility passing from one to another
  • Need for appropriate action recognized on all sides. A neutral authority accepted by everyone for analyzing the problem and bringing about a solution is not available, however

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Integration of all stakeholders in analyzing the problem and defining a solution, transparent agreement of each step and outcomes with everyone involved
  • Analysis and reappraisal of the requirements, procurement and introduction of a solution. Objectivization of perceived performance deficits by setting up appropriate series and systems of measurement (e.g. typical database queries, interfaces, bandwidths, memory extension, assumed vs. actual quantity structures, etc.), analysis of the hardware used, operating systems and relevant processes
  • Development of a package of measures – accepted by everyone – including risk analyses and commercial assessments to resolve the situation


  • By means of a package of measures and detailed optimization, it was possible to achieve performance gains even better than forecast
  • The solution achieved – including consideration of commercial conditions – is accepted by everyone involved
  • Partner structure could be maintained


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