Success Story

Successful exploitation of treasures in IT operations through virtualization


  • Before outsourcing, the plan was to cleanse the IT infrastructure, further reduce its complexity and the costs associated with that and significantly increase the degree of virtualization.
  • A large part of the servers has already been virtualized
  • Achievement of the necessary protection against failure, in particular for the remaining physical machines, would only be possible with high investment
  • The intention is to cut operating costs

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Analysis of the as-is situation, identification of further potential in virtualization
  • Development of resource and capacity balancing between the individual servers and the various production and test environments
  • Development of a disaster recovery concept on the basis of the new technical situation
  • Completion of the relevant migration measures


  • Degree of virtualization increased to well above 70%
  • Protection against failure was increased (“zero outage” concept)
  • Implementation of the disaster recovery concept initiated
  • Costs for the test environments cut by 30%


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