Success Story

IT: From a monster that eats up all your profits to a driver of your company


  • IT is confronted with continuous bottlenecks and overload situations, a host of issues and demands are raining in on it. Decisions are taken without consideration for the impact on IT. Pressure and knowing the right people are the key decision-making factors: those who apply the most pressure get more and get it sooner. The overload is leading to increasing quality problems.
  • IT has the image of a “monster that eats up the profits” and operates in the “toilet paper business” (everybody needs a WC): services are taken for granted and always have to work. But if there’s a problem …
  • There is a lack of appreciation of IT services, employees feel like “door mats” and are demotivated. “Nothing ever changes” leads to staff turnover and a loss of expertise.

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Establishment and development of clear IT governance, decision-making bodies and escalation structures, establishment of steering committees. Stronger integration of IT issues at management board level
  • Establishment and development of topic and project portfolio management and IT resource and capacity management (“red line”), clear prioritization of issues and optimization of the overall company view, assurance of sustainable decisions
  • Development of transparent presentation of services, stronger presence of IT staff on the ground in departments, intensification of internal and external communication, introduction of targeted sponsorships. Better use of existing incentive systems.


  • Various mechanisms such as dedicated IT contacts and “functional sparring partners” ensure better integration of departments. Defined system responsibilities and service management improve services to departments
  • Change in mindset towards IT and engagement with IT: departments have to defend their issues to other departments and “fight” for IT resources
  • Reduction in the range of issues and focus on what is relevant to improve the quality delivered
  • Increased awareness and appreciation of IT services, IT has become “driver of the company” and undergone a significant improvement in image. Optimized internal and external communication and better use of social media have also led to greater loyalty to the company and a reduction in staff turnover.


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