Success Story

Development and establishment of consistent risk management


  • No predictive, systematic identification or recording of risks, either within the framework of projects or in day-to-day activities
  • Risks that arise are managed only reactively, management of the solution to the problem depends very heavily on the people involved
  • Many – largely avoidable – problems hinder and delay implementation

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Setup and introduction of systematic risk management, essential processes, evaluations, decision-making structures, etc.
  • Initial creation of various risk catalogs, coordination of effective measures for risk mitigation
  • Ongoing risk analysis, monitoring and control of effectiveness of mitigation measures taken
  • Implementation of regular reports, creation of useful templates and presentations


  • Systematic risk management has been established and is being put into practice
  • The risk management role has a high level of acceptance among project managers, employees and managers
  • Massive reduction in escalations and in the necessity for ad hoc solutions to counteract risks in projects and day-to-day activities


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