Success Story

Restructuring and conversion of an offshore development factory


  • Ongoing, recurring escalations by the customer concerning the offshore factory for software development because of problems relating to value for money, delivery reliability and delivery quality
  • Inside the factory, the development model and offshore/onshore distinction is driving costs
  • After a contract term of almost two years, penalty claims by the customer are on the agenda

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Redesign of the organization and distribution of the onshore/offshore development team
  • Direct participation in customer/project portfolio and project team meetings
  • Update of the development processes and relevant responsibilities (user story, use cases, technical design, maintenance programming, etc.)


  • On-site “System Heads” manage the offshore development resources
  • Precise forecasting of the development resources established
  • No more delays in deliveries, delivery quality has improved
  • Escalations virtually zero after 6 months
  • No penalty claims after 6 months and simultaneously highest level of function points delivered
  • Demonstrable increase in sales with early integration into projects


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