Success Story

Support for customer project managers

Problem (multiple clients)

  • Project managers with responsibility for the client are confronted with huge differences in understanding between client and contractor regarding promised functions and solutions. 
  • Despite different possible interpretations the client is insisting on fulfilment of details that have not been set out, while excessive requirements and a flood of change requests are making the realization efforts explode. Fixed price commitments cannot be maintained
  • Client is applying heavy pressure on the contractor’s representatives through so-called “experts”, holding back payment of invoices, numerous escalations and emotional behavior
  • Client project managers are operating under severe stress, have to stand up to “specialist authorities” alone and (feels as if) they are going under, are frustrated and correspondingly poorly motivated

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Establishment and development of systematic claims management to protect against unjustified claims and assertion of the company’s own interests; systematic risk management and early implementation of relevant migration measures
  • Professionalization of behavior of individual project managers by introducing and establishing clear agreements, meeting agendas and minutes and, in particular, a code of conduct, a decision-making process, transparency and exact documentation of the decisions taken. Regular steering committee meetings with top management
  • Introduction of support measures such as project managers coaching one another, establishment of a buddy system and institutionalized sharing of experience
  • Support for project managers and coaching in particularly difficult situations


  • The measures taken have led to a significant reduction in the tension between clients and contractor, stress and psychological strain on the project managers involved has eased and their motivation has improved accordingly


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