Success Story

Formation of (international) competence centers

Problem (multiple projects)

  • An international corporation wants to bring together its corporation-wide IT expertise and create IT resource competence centers, which are located in various countries and make their services available to all countries.
  • The respective national IT units are extremely diverse in terms of organization and technology, and individual expertise in key areas and problem-solving skills on various topics vary significantly.
  • Redundancies across the IT units of the various countries constitute significant work and cost drivers.

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Support for design, development and set-up of effective organizational structures (functional organization), processes, cost allocation. Following set-up, completion of the necessary adaptations and fine tuning measures
  • Development and coordination of the necessary international governance with corresponding decision-making and escalation structures to ensure integrated prioritization of requirements with simultaneous consideration of the necessary (mandatory) national interests
  • Support with introduction (lighthouse projects) and transformation, virtual transfers of employees, knowledge transfer, service evaluations, dealing with linguistic barriers, motivation and handling sensitivities


  • After completing the learning curve: good level of acceptance among decision-makers and employees
  • Commercial and content targets met: significant economies of scale by bringing skills together, efficiency gains through removal of many redundancies.
  • Cost allocation models have been accepted, bringing resources together has even brought improvements to original SLAs in some cases.


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