Success Story

Outsourcing: increasing efficiency and effectiveness internationally


  • A large corporation wants to know why the costs of IT operations vary so much according to country, taking account of the different depths of outsourcing.
  • A study is intended to carry out a plausibility check of the respective costs and cost structures
  • Building on this foundation, a series of performance indicators is to be defined to identify potentially achievable savings, gains in efficiency and effectiveness from a comparison of the countries using these KPIs and the basis for greater KPI-based control is to be established.

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Plausibility check and standardization of the data provided and description of the services
  • Listing of the overall cots of the current mode of operation across 6 countries and outsourcing boundaries
  • Development and coordination of effective KPIs with a focus on infrastructure costs for the respective data centers, associated operations expenditure and identification of complexity and cost drivers
  • Identification of “best in class” solutions for specific tasks and standardization and harmonization of achievable economies of scale


  • Introduction of the KPIs as a control element in the respective organizations
  • Transparency about realistic potential savings when achieving best-in-class KPIs for the organizations and further economies of scale as the basis for subsequent management decisions


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