Success Story

IT governance in organizations at different (international) locations


  • For the introduction of a functioning IT organization across the individual national organizations of a corporation, stringent IT governance is required.
  • The present virtual organization has not been accepted in the individual countries because of many differences of interpretation, conflicts of interest (concern of a loss of control) and governance regulations that are being circumvented

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Review of existing governance, agreement of necessary changes
  • Development of regulations for international matrix responsibility structures with corresponding decision-making and escalation structures, system of rules for taking (technical) decisions
  • Processes, scoring models and coordination structures to ensure international prioritization of requirements with simultaneous consideration for relevant national interests


  • Involvement in decisions, greater transparency for decisions taken and clear communication significantly improves management and employee acceptance in the separate organizations
  • Essential committee structures and signature regulations for national board decisions have been established
  • Group CIO represents IT on all matters in international CEO meeting


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