Success Story

Organization and establishment of IT resource and portfolio management


  • Rapidly changing market demands and a multitude of internal company requirements: IT has to cope with a large number of issues and deliver projects quickly, temporary arrangements are the order of the day
  • The high number of issues and problems in day-to-day operations is barely manageable, IT staff are getting bogged down
  • High level of user dissatisfaction because agreements with IT are not fulfilled and quality of delivery from IT is perceived to be sub-standard

Contribution of ResultONE

  • Development of an IT resource overview which includes all the areas to be covered, breaks down the degree of coverage of resources and presents what is actually deliverable in a transparent way (“red line”)
  • Setup of a system for evaluating and prioritizing different project types and day-to-day activities. Result: all activities to be carried out by IT, prioritized on one list
  • Organization and establishment of an IT steering group with all the important stakeholders, which decides continuously on the optimal use of resources from the overall perspective of the company


  • High level of acceptance of the transparent management of IT deployment according to clear rules
  • Significantly improved user satisfaction: promises made by IT are kept, quality of IT services significantly improved (“less is more”), IT support that is not essential no longer requested thanks to the support of users
  • Stakeholders have to put forward arguments for IT resource deployment, bringing about a change of image for IT


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