Program & project management

In addition to overall project and program responsibility, we also take on responsibility for parts of projects or specific areas such as claims, risk and quality management and for specific roles such as transition and transformation management, in the context of outsourcing activities for example. We are also happy to help with setting up the necessary project organization (PMO, governance, etc.).

Crucially, we go the extra mile!

In addition to appropriate application of relevant technical and professional skills, we place particular emphasis on the so-called “soft” factors in delivering projects: the environment and a multitude of different framework factors play a crucial role in successful implementation. 

In addition to clear objectives, appropriate leadership and, for example, management of risk, stakeholder management, i.e. dealing properly with the people involved, balancing interests, appropriate communication and conflict management are among the key factors in successful project management.

Change Management

Together with our partners, we also cover change management. In doing so, we attach particular value to an integrated approach: we adopt a holistic perspective which is based on the tension between strategy, structure and culture. 

Change management – in other words, significant, planned changes and systematic transformation of an organization – affects organizational structure, organizational culture and the individual behavior of employees equally.

Success Stories

ResultONE already has a proven track record of solving – sometimes very challenging – tasks together with customers and to their satisfaction. Below are some examples of tasks that have been completed successfully in brief outline, in some cases with a focus on solutions in specific areas. In agreement with our customers, we have decided not to provide any references or project names.

In many cases, Act2Perform© has made a crucial contribution to a successful solution!

Consolidation of telephone systems

The basis for new, future-proof voice communication solutions was created by consolidating heterogeneous telephone landscapes

Optimization of IT deployment under difficult budgetary conditions

A focus of IT provision on absolute necessities coordinated across the company and simultaneous measures to reduce technical complexity and increase efficiency and effectiveness succeeded in making significant improvements to the deployment of IT resources

Digitization: optimizing customer-related processes and ensuring reliability of delivery

Exploiting various types of potential for further digitization increased speed and quality of process implementation and improved fulfilment of promises given to end customers
Virtualisierung und Cloud

Consolidation of IT infrastructures and operations and migration to the cloud

Consolidation of complex IT environments and transfer to the cloud reduced the complexity of operations, improved the time-to-market and led to significant savings

Support for outsourcing, offshoring and re-insourcing

During successful implementation of various sourcing projects (outsourcing/offshoring/re-insourcing), involvement of external expertise and experience proved to be a crucial success factor both in project management and in technical/content-related tasks

Assertion of IT interests in a difficult environment

It was possible to significantly improve the provision of IT services, which had been outsourced to several partners, and their quality by means of clever changes to contracts and various adaptations to the services